Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy World Y'all

A couple days ago,here in Pittsburgh the news was all about a sexual predator football player for the Steelers,while here in the hood where I live we were cutting and shooting each other like we were making a cowboy movie on a low budget.
One incident stood out for me,two men in their 40's were arguing about when one was going to be paid the the five dollars that was owed him.
The arguement got so heated and stupid each person pulled out weapons and began to fire wildly at each other striking a ten year old kid in the face.
Ok I'm just so sick and tired of these cowboys who walk and live in my neighborhood,I'm so sick and tired of the sorry excuse of the criminal and social systems that have allowed those folks to live and breath in my neighborhood.


LittleBill said...

Thanks for your comment, Living in the Forest. I quite agree. The one thing that bothers me is the possibility that perfect peace and harmony might bore us to death. The .great thing about evil people or circumstances is that they are the whetstone for our ideals

Val said...

Wow. Well Pittsburgh isn't alone. I hear things are crazy in Chicago. They're shooting 5 or 6 people at a time. It's so wild people are calling for the National Guard to be brought in to patrol the streets.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Val:I know there is a history behind the behavior and actions of a lot of my people,but damn enough is enough of the shooting and other craziness,we should have learn something by now.