Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's that time of the year again folks when everyone is out and about shopping for gifts and other items of the season,unless of course you are among those four million Americans who's unemployment checks  ran out last week.
I can't remember a Christmas when I was young that was memorable,you know the one that sticks out in your mind and brings smiles of joy.
So as an adult I don't really get all that worked up about Christmas and all the celebration trimming that comes with it.
 I  don't go out of my way to spoil the season for the people who I love and care about..
So yes it's easy to blame  others and the commercialization of Christmas as a reason for me as an adult not to celebrate christmas.
But that is not the real reason I don't celebrate christmas today,the reason I believe is because I'm bankrupt spiritually on what christmas mean.
I can't continue to use my poverty of youth as the reason why anything in my life is the way it is today.
The pity pot syndrome is not the way to go for me today,what happen fifty years ago is over!
Listen I'm responsible for everything that goes on in my life,I can't just take the bull by the horns in selected situations.
This ship I'm on called my life is govern by my decisons today and I must make the correct ones in both actions and planning.


Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
Your right, Xmas has gotten more & more commercialized, in spite of the economy, yet most folks find a way to celebrate the holiday, whether it be in a big or small way.
,Sometimes, the traditions or the lack of traditions we experienced as a child,do influence how we look at the season as adult. But because, we have no control over how Christmas was celebrated in the households we lived in as a child doesn't necessarily mean, it shouldn't be celebrated at all. Unfortunately, it just means that the joy, with all trimmings of the season that maybe you wanted to experience didn't happened, because of the economic situations of your youth. And sometimes as a child, we don't understand, because of all the hype society feeds us about how the holidays should be in a perfect world, when we aren't living in that perfect world, they're portrating.
As, adults,all we can try to do is, make the necessary changes,so we create better memories and traditions, for ourselves and our family as best we can, by making sure family comes first and we celebrate the real "Reason for the Season", the birth of Jesus, that gave all mankind hope, that silent holy night, to give a little more of what we have, to share a little more of who we are, to bring faith in place of doubt, strength in place of fear and love to guide our heart. Our responsiblity is to make it better then we experienced. So Big Mac, Xmas should be celebrated especially with the people you love and care about, because of the great gift, GOD gave us, his son and what that means in our life.

Toyin O. said...

I like your perspective Big Mac; do not let your past define your future. God wants to heal you of everything that you have been thru and lead you to the glorious future he has for you. I pray you will find the spiritual part of Christmas that you so long for and need. I just also want to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment.

Moanerplicity said...

I think the more personal we make the holiday, the more it can mean to us, as individuals. There was a time when the actions or inactions of others in my life ruined Xmas for me. That was something I ALLOWED to happen. No more. Not acceptable!

Doesn't matter if my pockets are fat or if I'm broke as ish. Those factors can no longer determine my personal holiday JOY!

Jesus truly IS the Reason For The Season.


Anonymous said...

Big Mac, I'm like you, not celebrating Christmas as the corps would have me to, but the pull is strong. I was pondering just breaking down and buying presents for everybody, then I thought, I just can't afford to do that, in time and in money!!! So at the risk of looking all bah humbuggy AGAIN this year, I wont be buying presents for anyone--maybe for my husband and son only.
But I will be and already have been celebrating the birth of Jesus, and listening to hymns that I love and that brings me a lot of joy! I'm sending blessings and praying for the people I love, which is the best thing!!
For example I prayed for a good woman for my son, and God answered that prayer!!! My son is ridiculously happy with a wonderful woman who he actually went to school with!! So I can pray for prosperity for everyone in my life, and for you and your family too! Blessings and love!

Anna Renee

Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
Once again I am touched by your honesty. You come through strong in your blog. I like how you are true to your self and take responsibility for your life. I and feel your light, thanks for sharing it with me.

Penny Wize said...

Funny, I've heard, 'it doesn't feel like Christmas' often over the past few days. When comparing experiences between then and now (the giver vs. the receiver), I get it, from an economic standpoint. It can get downright depressing when we lose sight of the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Keith said...

I too hate the commercialization of Christmas...Which is why I don't buy into it...I embrace the music, the food and the good times...I also see it through the eyes of my grandchildren....I decide how I'm going to see and view Christmas, not Macys and Saks 5th Avenue... Good Post Brother...My sentiments exactly.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

LilBit:Thanks for always putting things where the goats can get it!
Toyin O:It's always nice to share our experiences,hopefully something will be said,that someone needs to hear.
Lin:My Brother your wise words are always on time!
Anne;keep on doing what you do!
Coach:I may not responed to everyone of your post,but I do read them,always food for thought!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Penny Wise:Thanks for gracing my page,you are not the only one who's experience "it just don't feel like chhristmas feeling".
Keith:Thanks for your comments and for stopping by the forest.
Keep your thoughts coming I never miss any of your posts,always food for thought!