Saturday, December 18, 2010

President Obama

I'll admit I have had my disappointments with President Obama's policies and decisons these past few years.
But I had a three o'clock moment this morning about the enormity of his job as President.
It's easy for me to sit here behind the computer screen and make Monday Morning quarterback comments on his decisons.
Many people who have issues with President Obama's decisons and polices need to start asking seriously why he's attention to our problems seem to be on the back burner.
During the Presidential Campaign of 2008 many people join the bandwagon to elect President Obama at the last moment.
Yes poor people came out in droves to vote for this Presidential candidate,many voted for him simply because he was the lesser of two evils,some voted for him to see history being made of electing a man of color to the most powerful postion in the world.
Whatever the reason you voted for President Obama it's not ok if  you don't understand the first rule of politics,"the squeaky wheel gets the oil'!
Many in my community don't understand this concept,thats why on the local level our neighborhoods are the last to receive any type of city,county or state attention or monies.
President Obama knows and understands what's going on in poor communities throughout this country.
I personally feels he is a very compassionate man.
It's simply the reality of politics in this country that keeps him from doing more for the poor in this country.
The media and talking heads along with the Corporations in this country have convinced a lot of people who could do more for the downtrodden in this society that they are not worthy of a decent life.
This ideal of unworthiness is so strong that many poor people  believe this lie!
And because we don't read or study the things we need to read and study in our communities,it's so easy for the above mention forces to manipulate us.
It's high time that poor people start to look at this process called life in a different manner,it's time  we start to eliminate people,places and things that keep us from seeing the forest for the trees.
President Obama is not the reason we poor people are where we are today in this country,we are where we are because of the choices we have made in our lives!
75% of the problems that affect our lives today is not because of oppression from someone else,it's because we have brought into this consumerism lie of what I need to make me whole as a person!
I submit that we don't need the latest gadgets that seems to be introduce daily to the masses,I don't need a big fancy car to make a statement about who I am.
I submit that clothes are another problem poor people have that we don't have to have,what a lot of poor people don't know or understand is you can have all of the name brands on your back,but you still are broke and poor as a  person.


msladydeborah said...

I have found it interesting that so many people do not realize how the American political system works.

I am also turned off by people who think it is his job to become Moses and lead us to a better place. Whatever happened to being self-sufficient? It seems too many people have forgotten that concept as a political theory.

Obama also needs the left to start doing some hard swinging on the grassroots level. It is obvious that there are conservative forces that want the country to go back to the times when the rich only benefit and the rest of us shoulder the burden. When do we take charge and start making demands and plans?

To believe that the POTUS is the only one who can make a change is a sign of political immaturity. We should be the beef producers in the political arena.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Lady Deborah:I can't disagree with your assessment,so many folk today are what I call "government dependent for the basics of this life".
At my job there are people who have gone from welfare to work,not because they wanted to work but because the government said your benefits were being reduce.
Some still rely on medical assistance even though excellent private medical plans are available to them for less then $80.00 per month.
It's a mentality that has taken hold of poor people like a tsunami
of being dependent on the government to do everything for their lives.
And before anyone chime in and say maybe they can't afford $80.00,if you can buy bootleg DVD'S and coach purses you can afford this coverage for your family.

Keith said...

Of course I'm standing and applauding good brother...I've been yelling and screaming this in my blog for close to three years now..
So glad that there is you and Feild and a few others to join in the chorus!


Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy your honesty, your real voice and your sharing on this blog Big Mac. Merry Christmas to you and I look forward to more from you in 2011. Peace in beautiful brother.

Reggie said...

I wasn't exactly impressed with our president's first year in office, but this last year has been pretty good overall.

He's accomplished a great deal this year though, despite some of his setbacks. This year he was able to do things that will have an impact on the lives of Americans for decades to come. I am hopeful that during the next two years he'll make policy that will continue to impact the quality of our lives for years to come.

He's done a pretty good job lately.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Keith:It's almost 2011 and I can't continue to pretend that our conditions are totally the fault of White people or anyone else,it's time for my people to step up and start to think outside of the box.
Many of the things confronting our community from relationships to the education of our children can change,if more effort was put into those as we put into some of the more superfluous things I see daily here in Pittsburgh!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Coach:Thanks for the gracious comment,just trying to keep doing what I know to be right!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Reggie:You are right,we just have to look at what going on with a third eye and ear!

Moanerplicity said...

Not a gig I'd wish on anyone. For any man, much less a Black Man to step up & want to TRY to improve this country, improve our lives, improve our status in the world's eye & to be fought & opposed on nearly every count is truly a daunting task.

I believe that by the end of his term(s) he & his policies will have made a significant difference... & even those who don't like him or who relentlessly challenge his ideology will have to give credit where its due.


p.s.: digging the new background.