Saturday, December 4, 2010

Any One Have A Mountain For Sale?

I'm getting so sick of the behavior of people that I'm  thinking about finding me a private mountain top and moving there.
I really have had it up to my neck with the rudeness and disrespect shown by people I have encountered lately.
Listen folks I know people are hurting financially and emotionally out here,but the rudeness and disrespect will not change your circumstances.
Maybe this rudeness is not by happenstance but a design play to rid this society of certain groups or types of people.
Do we ever stop to think why certain types of behavior is occurring among a group of people?
And when we start to look closer at the picture we find so many of the circumstance's similar.
Hell if I can see this why can't the people with advance degrees and knowledge see it?
Where is the leadership in this society?
Seems to me most are to busy lining their pockets with money and fame and have forgotten what their duties are as leaders.
While watching the news of President Obama's secret trip to Afghanistan to save it's people from killing and maining each other,the local news here in Pittsburgh is the same Pokey and Ray-Ray were running down Frankstown Road shooting at each other.
Houston we have a problem and it's not 8,000 miles away from Washington,Mr.President why are you not on the corner pleading for peace on the Franktown Roads of America?


Reggie said...

You ask a lot of valid questions. I just wish that I had some equally valid answers.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Asking the questions will hopefully be the catalyst for a answer.