Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Answer Sometimes Is Right At Our Fingertips

I took a few days of vacation and it's the first time in awhile that I'm not rushing to do anything today.
So here I'm thinking about songs of my youth, from gospel to Rand B and I have been in hog heaven all morning listening to them,bringing back memories lost in space and time.
A few of these songs I have posted to the right side of the "Forest". Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
Music soothes the soul!!!!

lani said...

music brings back memories .... usually good ones

CareyCarey said...

Man, you killed me this morning! What a way to end a year.

See, we'd need a day to sit down and talk about these songs. I mean, man, such a rush of emotions and memories. Really, each song... EACH SONG opened a flood gate of lost dreams, love, happiness, emotions and memories.

I can't begin to tell you the importance of them all( to me). But, let me start with James Cleveland. Well, maybe I can't because there are some many of his songs that speak directly to me. One in particular is "Where Is Your Faith". You probably know the words to that song so I'll stop right there.

Sam Cooke: "I've been knocked down but a change is gonna come"... nuff said!

Harold Melvin: I had a home boy that played in his band and who can forget that Teddy was the driving force to Harold's success, and Gamble & Huff played a huge role.

Donny Hatheway: Man, when he broke out the world changed. Well, at least it did for me. His songs had so much meaning. We had never seen his style nor his sound. He change the music scene in a way that Marvin did with "What's going On". Man, sometimes I sit back and have a whole day with Donny Hatheway. Aside from the melody of his songs (which were great), the lyrics were so profound.

But BigMackAttack, when I played Buddy Miles's Down By The River, I had to pause that cut. I had not heard that song in, probably, 30 or more years, yet, it took me way back to feeling I had not experienced in a looooong time. I mean, I went back in time to when I was a very young kid. It was a time of wonderment. So much so, that, as I said, I paused the song at the 2 minute mark so I could write these comments and then go back to those feelings. I am going to block out the world, close my eyes, and then go back and see, and feel, what this ol'world has done to me.

Thanks for a beautiful morning.

CareyCarey said...
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CareyCarey said...
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Moanerplicity said...

Must admit, I went straight to Mr. Hathaway. "Giving Up" is one of those shonuff unforgettable R & B classics & the man put his whole heart soul, biography AND biology into it!

There may be a few cats today who can blow like Donny did, but none of them are as emotionally honest or bold enough to be as sensitive as he was.

Good stuff!

Happy New Year, Big Mac!


Anonymous said...

Hi Big Mac!
Have a good few days off. I like your new blog wallpaper. I hope you find peace and beauty in the new year. Happy 2011!!!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Lil Bit:Who you telling!
Some of the music I posted gives me the inspiration for the daily tasks of this life.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Lani:First let me thank you for stopping by and leaving your gracious comment,please come again.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey:I'm glad I was able to find the right music for the both of us James Cleveland's music holds a special place in my heart and life.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Lin:You hit the nail with the hammer on your assessment of Hathaway's music,it's deep and forces one to really feel even when you don't want to feel!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Coach:I'm glad you like the new wallpaper,it reminds me of where I want to be.