Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Part Five-By Any Means Necessary

Minny called out to Robert Lee to run across the highway to Mr.Bryant's house to have him call the rescue squad not everyone had a telephone ,Sampson was still breathing but was unresponsive.
As the rest of the clan stood and waited for the rescue squad to arrive,tears were streaming from the faces,the faint sounds of prayers could be heard "lord help us to hold out".
The wailing of the rescue siren could be heard coming down highway 441,in a small place such like Crackling,N.C. when the rescue squad is call the whole community responses
Sheriff Taylor and his deputy Wilbur were the first to arrive,neither were surprise to find Sampson in the condition he was in ,often they would bring him home from the Juke Joint on friday nights after a hard night of drinking moon shine and dancing.