Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trayvon Martin,Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson

So you may ask why am I writing about these three people together in a post?
Well personally I am sick and tired of these self appointed negro(need to grow) leaders popping up every time an egregious act is perpetrated on a person of color and after the tv cameras are gone,so are they!
Neither Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson Sr. have held a real job in their lives,as the old folks use to say,they have not hit a lick in their life.
It's well pass time we stop allowing these two professional pimps to manipulate our community,in Pittsburgh and every city and town in this country where people of color reside there lay buried in a cemetery a Trayvon Martin.
Parents it's time for you to get up off of your rusty dusties and take charge of the children you brought into this world,don't act like you are shocked and appalled at the behavior of white racist people in these United States,take charge of your children and guide them to a life style that affords them the opportunity to understand what they are dealing with in this society.
Congress can pass laws saying discrimination is unlawful until the roosters crow,it will not change the basic underlying fabric of this country's racist history and tendencies!



Moanerplicity said...

As far as Sharpton & Jackson are concerned: w/ Al, he won't get involved w/out the say-so of a victim's family. I know this because several cases in my area where race was a factor, were NOT taken up by him for various reasons, but mostly because the families did NOT WANT him involved.

With Jackson, well, since the morning AFTER Dr. King's death, (when he paraded around the media in a bloody shirt, claiming to be wearing Martin's blood, & it was later disputed that said shirt actually contained Dr. King's blood), he's always been a blatant opportunist. There was a very good reason why even Mrs. King didn't support him in his Presidential bids.

Nuff said.

Not sure of what you're advocating that parents should do, Mac. You can warn your child until you're blue in the face, teach them to be law-abiding citizens, tell them to smile @ cops, not to run when being approached, etc... & it won't stop bullets, nor keep them alive from anyone, black or white, who devalues them, who has no respect for human life & would rather see them dead.


James McCoy said...

As always Lin thanks for stopping by and dropping your knowledge,Al and Jesse well may do some good between the two of them,but my gut say there's a lot of hustling going on with their causes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about the motives in this case and the media also. Congress can't legislate hate away but we can talk about it here and with others and concentrate on our similarities to help the fear go away a little at a time. I feel compassion in your blogs Big Mac and it heals. Thank you friend.