Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Vick ,Animal lovers ,Bad recipe!

Mike Vick was invited to the Steelers training camp to interview for a job as #2 QB.Then all hell broke out in the media in Pittsburgh, animal rights activists were drulling at the mouth,undercover Pittsburgh racist were screaming for a lynching, all because the man wants to work.Many Steelers fans have been mad as hell since,Super Bowl winning Coach Tombin was selected by the Rooney Family to be the third coach ever.Animal right activists still think he should be in prison or dead! Never mind that I hear no one calling for star QB Big Bens head,how soon people forget about his deviant behavior with young girl's a few years back!                                                                                         Bigmac


Kavierer Loopjers said...

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Reggie said...

The truth is, that if this experiment with our beloved Steelers had worked; and when Big Ben went down that Michael Vick could have done all the heavy lifting......that he clearly can't do these days........then things might have been vastly different for Michael.

A few touchdowns might have made things look vastly different.

Scott Porter said...

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