Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get the Catholic Church out of Haiti

And bring back the Haitian intellectals that have left the country,I'm so sick of the media's image of why Haiti is suffering after the earthquake.If the brain trust of Haiti had not been force to move to places like New York and other places in the world,just maybe they would have been in place to shored up the infurstrucal of this country.But no this rape of Haiti has been going on since the revolt of 1803,when the people of Haiti kicked Frances ass and sent them packing.I guess the 90 million Francs that France demanded after losing in that revolt doesn't make people think.Or the selling of that note to the US GOVERMENT IN 1834 makes anyone think as to just what the hell is going on in Haiti.I haven't heard one media report on the mining interest who daily rape the natural resources of Haiti,I haven't heard one media report on why the U.S.Government is sitting on the vast oil deposits in the north of Haiti.
I haven't heard one media report on how the Catholic Church has brainwashed the people of Haiti along with those other NGO'S into believing that they are there in country to save their black behinds.No the Catholic Church and the NGO'S are there in Haiti for one dam reason and it's simple ,to continue to rape this nation of it's resources.

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