Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Black People,Money,Politics and Consumerism

So you have a degree fromYale or some other school of higher learning,do you believe your struggle has ended as a Black person?Sorry to bust your bubble but your struggle has only begun.
The next step is find a job in the field inwhich you labored hard to become educated in,where do you begin.
How many folks do you know are currently in a postion to help you in your struggle to find employment in your chosen field? It helps if you know someone to help you navigate the field that you have chosen,problem is many black folk who get their foot in the door,close that door behind themselves and put a padlock on it.Their ideal of playing politics on the job is being the only black person in a postion,how stupid of a concept of working.Being a consumer and black in america is a oxymoron,most black folks I know don't shop for the best price,we go into a place of business and accept the price on the sticker or tag.Folks there needs to be some real soul searching in our community before we talk about we have arrived in america.We spend money like it grows on trees,we don't save or invest,we buy from people who could care less if we die today.So a degree might get you a interview and maybe a entry-level job,but being smart with  your dollars  will make to rich!

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Reggie said...

Brother I'm a proud graduate of Alabama State University with a degree in business. I know very few people who are 1 in their chosen field and 2 doing something that they "love" doing. Usually when people say either one of those things they can't keep a straight face.......me included.

There is someone close to me who is forever complaining that she can't do either of those things and she's not alone. It is what it is.