Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Need For A Black Congressional Black Caucus-------------

If all they going to do is party like it's 1999!I mean these clowns have raised over 55 million dollars from the likes of Wal-Mart and Rent-A-Center to fund their so call charity foundation for the African-American Community.My post is a result of a story from the New York Times last Sunday by a reporter name Eric Lipton.I have heard or read from people on both sides of this story and have concluded that the Black Congress people in Washington are just as shameful as their White counterparts if not worse.Most members of the CBC represent the poorest districts in their states,what the hell are they doing throwing million dollar parties,when their constituents are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and ice in the fridge?These  Congress people should hang their heads real dam low!


TomCat said...

Mac, I agree. Although no Caucasian can fully understand the black experience, I can clearly see the hypocrisy when the CBC sells out constituents for financial support.

Reggie said...

BigMac I've always thought the same thing, they're apparently not doing shit.

They wouldn't get any of my donations from me.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks for dropping by Tomcat,in this case with the CBC the only color at play here is green and those clowns have no shame in their game.
Reggie I use to work for a politican a few years ago and I should know better then the average person out here,but even the good guys get got!