Sunday, July 18, 2010

Self Marginalization,It's Time To Stop?

There was a time in my life when I could wake up and pretty much expect White folk to bring hell to my life each and everyday.
Don't get it twisted and think for one second that I'm saying we live in a post racial America.
What I'm saying is that racism and oppression has gone undercover,almost like that CIA cloak and dagger stuff.
"Randy-Redneck" is not openly advocating my demise by hanging,he does it through the Legal System and Madison Ave.
He (Randy-Redneck)convince many of our people that the easy way is the best way to make a life here in America.
Too many of us get caught up in illegal activities and end up involved with the criminal justice system.
Let me make it clear a lot of activities that are criminal are only enforced in Black and Brown neighborhoods.
Do you folks who are involved in illegal activities think for one second that the law doesn't know what you are doing and how you are doing it?
You get all comfortable in your new found wealth and lifestyle then they bust your Black or brown ass!
Make no mistake about it folks someone is always watching you,the game is rigged from the door.
Once you are in the system your life is pretty much over as far as getting a real good and stable job.
Oh yea your ass will be paying that debt to society until the grim reaper bites your ass.
You can bet your ass you will do your time,standing on your head or not,and when they finally open those steel bars and let you back out,you still got a hundred years of probation and parole hanging on your behind!
Because of the way the system is design they already know you will be back in six to eight months,hence the paper hanging on your back.
People change considerably when they are locked up,many lose any sense of man hood or self-respect.
Many go undercover sexually and come out more confused and diseased then when they were locked up.
With many of these sad stories played out in our communities daily,we still allow our children to run buck-naked wild in this  world.
Men it's time we stop,being prim and prissy about whats happening in our neighborhoods,its time we roll up our sleeves and begin to clean our houses.
Men its time we start to take charge of our children and wives and girlfriends,if its possiable.
Even if your relationship can't be save with the mother of your children you still have a moral responsibility to raise your children.
If you have to work two or three different jobs to make this happen you are obligated to do so.
Not because some damn redneck judge said so, but because thats your blood!


Val said...

You said a mouth-full, BigMac. And like you allude to the media plays a huge part in this. Many young men think being a thug will get them somewhere other than jail. Rap music has a lot to do with that. And we both know who runs rap music.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Rap music is plays a large part in the behavior of some of our people.
But its not the entire cause of the suicidal thoughts and tendencies of our people.
It's a lack of moral gudiance!

CareyCarey said...

I have to agree, I think rap music has little to do with it. I mean, rap music has many messages, some good some bad. But listening to music is only a very small portion of all the information a person receives.

A lack of moral guidiance is a key element, but even that has to be looked at with a keen eye. I say that because I am one of the persons you're talking about, Mac. And in such, I knew right from wrong, but the story does not stop there.

Moanerplicity said...

Preach, man! While much negative history has been written about and attributed to the Black Panthers, at least they cared about the community, were pro-active, and conscious enough to give a damn about starting a revolution!


Reggie said...

Oh Randy-Redneck is still out there, some are just more subtle than others.

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Excellent post.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Carey there are so many influences out here in this society and world,it's not hard to get caught up with out a strong backbone supporting you.
The message that's being sent today through the media is the easy way is the best way.
We have to learn to resist that message.
I don't long for stuff and that is most likley the thing that influence a lot of folk to make wrong choices.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Moan:Most folk I know are afraid to rock the boat,they prefer to fly around the cloud and avoid any of the turbulence of life.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Thanks Reggie,rest assure he's alive and well!

CareyCarey said...

Mac, I agree 100% with your last comment.

We all have different points of reference, so again, I have to start with me. I believe longing for "things" and a life outside my lane were tantamount in my struggles.

Last night I was watching an interview of Alice Walker. She thinks greed is a major scrounge of society. I agree with that.

I also believe ignorance (lack of knowledge) is a key predator.

As I evolve in life, I've noticed that most individuals are not critical thinkers. There's many reasons behind that,but in many cases they don't have to think. It's more comfortable to just go along with the flow.

You said that...

"Moan:Most folk I know are afraid to rock the boat,they prefer to fly around the cloud and avoid any of the turbulence of life"

And I agree 100%

And, I didn't learn that and understand that, until I was forced to sink or swim. I HAD to do a lot of solid thinking.

I don't visiit many blogs, but you are on my short list. I like how you speak from truth and you're not afraid to disagree. And, you are not going to make statements that you can't support.

Yelp, I believe your wisdom comes from going through a few things. So I drop by to pickup a little old school knowledge.

Anna Renee said...

Last week I was walking around Lake Merritt, our little city gathering place for joggers and people watchers. It's nice and calming. As I walked, Oaklands little dirty black/dark, caged prisoner bus drove past me on the road. I thought about the young men on the bus who were probably looking out at me on the street, and probably wishing they were out with me rather than in that bus--on it's way to the police station or wherever.
I thought about what a wretched, and nasty little cycle the whole thing is. As the little bus went on its way, I looked at the courthouse building and the other civic building. I also thought about how the city depends on these black and brown youth messing up.
I also thought: what would this city be like without black and brown youth getting caught up in the mix--how many jobs would be lost without those youth screwing up?? Oakland's economy would suffer serious damage without those boys. Yet they have no earthly idea of how they are the foundation of the system.

Anna Renee

CareyCarey said...

Anna, that's a great comment and observation.