Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm So Sick And Tired Of Tyler And Folks Of His Ilk

I had no intentions of writing about Tyler Perry this morning but after reading a post from over at one of my favorite blogspots( the steam just welled up in me.
How much more money does this NEED-TO-GROW need to make off of the misery of other peoples lives?
Some of the posts and comments that I have read this past week really got me to thinking,some comments were written in a fashion  not wanting to come off as hating on Tyler Perry,others were done  in a diplomatic way as not to be offensive but to also express displeasure at his latest work.
I'm not going to hold back on this one folks,because I'm simply tired of Tyler Perry,Oprah and all of the other sell-outs pimping my community.
Both Tyler and Oprah have made enough money to do better by our community.
Don't misunderstand me and think I'm advocating  for hiding the dirt and filth of some of my fellow black men.
If Tyler and Oprah really wanted to get this monkey off the backs of the Women in our community,they should both put their dam money where their mouth is.
It's hard enough already as a black man to go out here in this world and try to make a dam honest living.
Without some "House Negro" stereotyping my life any further.
Sorry folks I won't watch another Tyler Perry or Oprah sponsored or financed production again until both of them clean up their acts!


Moanerplicity said...

Hey Mac,

Wow, Mac! Very well-stated, man. I completely agree with everything you wrote here.

Also, something you wrote in my blog carries a lot of weight:

"It seems no matter how hard we work and struggle to do the right thing in this life as a Black Man, the devil is always popping up in one form or the other, trying to discredit whatever we do!"

The tragic thing is that the people 'popping up' & doing the MOST 'discrediting,' just happen to look like us. That's more than ironic. That's just plain SAD!

Thanks for the mention, my Brotha.



Val said...

All I can add is that I agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD you said, Big Mac!

They, Oprah and Tyler Perry, are both Black dysfunction pimps.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Lin,Val:From where I sit on the porch most Black folks are afraid to call these folks out,the reason why I can't fathom.
Neither Tyler or Oprah bring anything to the table for most working stiffs like myself,why should I defend their work?

Mizrepresent said...

Good post, and like Lin expressed in his post it is quite disturbing to constantly view images of our men in this negative light. I was reading another post by writer Tayari which she also explains her disdain for the film and it's over-the-top, hateful, insensitive monsters portrayed as black men. I've noticed in most, if not all of his films, the black man is the most hated, most evil representation i have ever witnessed in both film and life. TP has some deep seated angst when it comes to black men.

Anonymous said...

Big Mac,
All I have to say is, I may not like everything that Tyler or Oprah put out, but I see where they're coming from.
In Tyler Perry's case, he's only bringing to the table, what he's experienced, point blank!!! whether offensive,displeasing, or indifferent,but it's a honest assessment of what he's experienced. Nothing more, nothing less. I have to also say, that there's a lot of black folks, that take offense to the who, how, & why our own black community operates, therefore find it distasteful when it's brought out. The fact that he's made money from it all, doesn't necessarily mean he would give back to the community. There's a lot of Black Stars, Athletes, Political Figures, well known ministers that, have no intention on giving back and pimp our communities as well. In most cases, money does that to folks, they forget where they came from and the struggle within the communities they came from. It's just about making the money.
In Oprah's case, she just refuses to own her blackness. She doesn't relate to or is comfortable around her own people. She's made most of her money from white suburbia ,so why would anyone except her to really give back to the black community.
In either case, It's not about putting their money where their mouth is, but in their pockets. And if we don't like it or want to be stereo typed by some House-Negro,then we have to change how we do things, individually and in our own communities.

Reggie said...

While I don't hate on the brother turning a coin, I think his movies are awful.

It's always nice to see people of color on the big screen. But it would be nice to see some better representations of what we are. I'm used to others trying to tear us down.......but not one of us.

CareyCarey said...

Mr Big Mac, you already know I disagree with this post. Yes, we've been here before. And know you kicking my girl Oprah and Tyler Perry. I am not a big fan of Tyelr Perry's films but not for the reasons you voiced. Check this

Just wanted to throw in a piece by Michael Ealy, on the topic of men's treatment in FCG:

" You've expressed that you want to set the record straight about how Black men are portrayed in "For Colored Girls." What does setting the record straight mean?

MICHAEL EALY: I think that if you say this movie is male bashing, you're not looking at the bigger picture. Yeah there are some men with problems in the piece and if you did notice, yes, Hill Harper is one good man. But this is a play by women, by a woman. And it's not like Tyler [Perry] or anyone else wrote the script that had all these men with problems. In my opinion the bigger picture is that the issues that were applicable in the mid '70s when the play was on Broadway, are still plaguing our women and our children right now. The bigger issue is that the piece is timeless. And if you're a man who is HANDLING YOUR BUSINESS then you know this doesn't apply to you. This isn't a film that showcases men; this is a film that showcases the triumph of our women."

And see Big Mac, Oprah has done more for the black man in America than any black face on this earth. She has highlighted every major black voice in this country. And she has given nearly 1 Billion dollars to benifit our mission. So, I really don't understand the hatred you're heaping upon this woman. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Now poor Tyler, yawl up in here beating up the man over a movie.

Listen, I just recently wrote a post too express my view on this subject,so I'll invite you to read it. Moan stopped by to give me a piece of is mind, in a fashion that only moan can do. that boy knows he can write. Anyway, nearly 1000 other people have dropped in. The comment section is were the
jewels can be found.

And by the way, to jump the post off, I opened with Val's words that she left at another blog.


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