Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Time For Charlie Rangel Too Say Goodnight!

Rep.Charlie Rangel has finally had reality thrown in his face after 40 years of representing Harlem
New York as it's Congressman,Mr.Rangel was stripped of all of his power and prestige earlier this week,and kicked to the curb and remanded back to the fields.
Rep.Rangel was accuse of thirteen counts of misconduct as a sitting member of Congress,some of the charges he was convicted of includes not paying taxes on property he owns,taking donations from people and corporations who had business before the powerful House,Ways and Means Committee that he chaired.
Now before some of you get on your soapbox and exclaim that all politicians do the same thing as what Rep.Rangel has been charged and convicted of,let me agree with you.
The difference is Mr.Rangel seems to have forgotten that he is a African-American and that the standards  that apply to White politicians in good standing don't apply to him.
Lets be real here folks racism and discrimination is alive and well in our country today,you can't make a law and change people hearts.
Mr.Rangel was so consumed with the power of his chairmanship,he actually thought he had assimilated into the American dream.
Instead of using that power to bring jobs and renewal to Harlem,Congressman Rangel was too busy playing a game in Washington that he truly didn't understand.
It's time for the people of Harlem to elect someone who's character and commitment to the community is above reproach.
Now that maybe a pipe dream on my part,but I think having leadership of that quality is a pipe dream I'll keep dreaming!


Daij said...

I have to agree with you there

Vigilante said...

Yeah, unlike Weimar Republicans, Progressive Democrats shouldn't tolerate Tom Delays on our side of the aisle.