Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Should Be Everyday Of Your Life!

It has been said to me on more then one occasion,that I will spoil the spirit of the season by making my opinion on holidays we celebrate in this country known.
Every year for as long as I can remember about this time of the year when it gets cold,it seems everyone and their mother wants to make sure the homeless and the downtrodden have a coat to wear.
Well what about the others months of the year,does it matter ?
Why is it  this time of the year we all want to go and feed Skippy and Ray-Ray who's been on the corner drinking Wild Irish Rose all year?
Let me be short and frank,the brand of humanity practiced in this country is so fake,even Stevie Wonder can see through the hypocrisy.
Even feeding the hungry and the poor is a money making operation in most places in this country,if its not a direct money making scheme it's one to get you to join a church or organization before they feed your behind!
And when you are hungry and cold and have a few young ones in tow,well you do what you got to do to get them feeded and clothed.
For poor people here in Pittsburgh to receive help with your gas and electric bills during the winter season they make you jump through so many hoops you think you are trying out for a NBA team.
But they advertise this program like they are Jesus standing on the mount coming to save your behind!
These do good er organizations and government agencies need to stop all this feed and clothed people once a year crap!
They need to take all that good money and start to teach these people how to become self-reliant,and the reason they won't do that is because that would put their behinds out of business.
One organization that I use to give to up until a few weeks ago(Salvation Army) are the biggest gangsters in  this keep your broke and dumb game.
I found out that the people who are enrolled in their rehabilitation programs,get nothing for the labor and work that they do,which includes working in their rehab centers,driving trucks picking up donations and all the other work done in the organization.
Modern day slaves if you ask me,and all of this is done in the name of the lord!
Everyday should be Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up into one,we should be caring about Skippy and his boys down on the corner everyday.
We should be caring about the elderly and young who don't know no better everyday,we all need to stop pretending that we care!
Because if we really cared like we want people to think we care,there wouldn't be as many people in bad shape like they are.
So it's time to wake up and put your money where your mouth is,what would Jesus say if he was to knock on our doors for a honest reconciliation of your goodness?
I know my list would be incomplete and short.


RealityZone said...

Helping the needy during the holidays is a way that the UNneedy cleanse their minds and souls till the next season.

If America helped the needy year round and tried to better their lives.
America would be accused of Socialism.

The business of America is business.
Charities and Help Orgs. are a business nothing more nothing less.
There might be a few exceptions, but not many.
I have found that helping needy families, or people on a one on one basis works better.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by Reality,I'm not so naive to believe for one nanosecond that these help organization are really out for change for the better.
But it just makes me mad how so many of us regular folk fall for their yearly propaganda!

RealityZone said...

I have been looking for an over seas charity that help children.
Been doing some research into them.
So, it ends up that just like Wall St. and their rating agencies that take payola.
The same goes for the rating agency [Charity Navigator] that does the charities. Certain charities advertise with them or affiliated Corps. America was based on [payola] same ol same ol.

RealityZone said...

I am just your UNaverage 60 y/o white boy. :-)
My step daughter who I consider my own flesh and blood is half African American and half Korean.
Her husband is African American.
So, last thanksgiving before they were married I tested him and asked him.
Why do African Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?
He gave me a blank stare. LOL
Of course my daughter knew exactly where I was going with this.
I told him it had something to do with slavery.
Now I have a daughter and a son. LOL

Moanerplicity said...

You're correct, Mac. In a more perfect world & if we remembered that we are spirits having a human experience, we would all be more conscious, more aware, more caring, more compassionate, & it wouldn't take a holiday to bring those 'spiritual' qualities forth.

We can all SAY that we'll try to do better, but until we DECIDE to live our lives differently, place our priorities on things that aren't always about me, me, & mine, then that would be reflected in our interactions, daily, & throughout the year.

Snatch JOY!