Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stepping Up to The Plate!

Last week I wrote about the bomb scare called into our local high school and the responses to that situation.
Thanks for all of your comments,they helped me to get to the point of taking action,yes we can scream and holler on these blogs till the cows come home.
Msdeb and my friend Stimpson's comments nailed  it for me and I'm not living in mouse-land anymore without a fight.
The school board meets this coming Monday at 7PM,yes it's a trick they know it's Valentine's Day and they know most people won't show.
Even though I usually rise early (3am) for work that's still not a reason not to be all up into the school boards kool-aid.
I'll keep you posted because this is the beginning of a change for our children and their future and for many adults!


msladydeborah said...

Given the serious nature of recent events, a true act of love would be for parents to show up at the board meeting.

However, just because there is a scheduled meeting and there might not be a large turn out, there is no law that I know of that prevents parents and community members from having their say whenever they want to. The community could hold a meeting and demand that the members of the board show up.

Anonymous said...

Taking action is good and I support you BigMac! I like how ms lady deborah put it "a true act of love would be for the parents to show up . . ."I will check back to see what happens. Happy Hearts Day to you and your friends and loved ones!!!