Sunday, August 28, 2011

Part 14-By Any Means Necessary!

Life was changing in Crackling,N.C. and America,Colored folks had begun to realize that they deserved more of this life then had been offered or given by the American society.
Folks were  questioning the status quo and refusing to accept crumbs,the sermons and prayers of Reverend John and the powerful work of MLK had awoken a sleeping giant in the Colored folk of Crackling,NC.
Just as Robert Lee slowly pulled the family 1952 Chevy pickup to the hospitals side door,Minny wheeled Sampson out the door for the joyful ride to the homestead,smiles and prayers were everywhere.
As Robert Lee turned the 52 Chevy into the long driveway to the house he could see cars and pickup trucks lined from one end of the homestead to the other.
The people of Crackling's Colored community cared for each other,no matter if you were blood related or not.
This mentality existed because of the social and economic realities for most of the population.
Billy Bob the Fire and Rescue Chief was milling around near the front door as the 52 Chevy rolled to a stop,many in Crackling understood the closeness Billy Bob felt for Sampson,Sampson had saved his life in a fierce firefight  in Korea.
For that heroic act Sampson was awarded a Purple Heart and a promotion to Sergeant First Class.


Reggie said...

Crackling,N.C......gotta love that.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Yea but in many southern states,as well as you know some of the names of towns and hamlets are hilarious.