Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Part Seven-By Any Means Necessary!

As Minny paced the hallway's of the Colored section of Crackling Memorial Hospital,the children sat silently on the hard wooden benches provided in the small but clean waiting area.
Segregation is the rule of the day even in the place you go to for health care,Dr.Roan the only Black Physician on staff came out to talk with the family.
The news was not good Sampson had suffer a heart attack and it was touch and go,just as Dr.Roan was giving the family his finding,Rev. John and his wife Mildred walked in to hear the news,Rev. John  was one of those preachers who could pray,he could create a moaners bench anywhere,his prayers were so deep and intense that if God couldn't hear them it was only because,God already knew what was needed!


Anonymous said...

Big Mac I can picture this segregated waiting room and I like your description. I can feel the moaner's bench!

Reggie said...