Friday, December 30, 2011

Neglect of the Black Male Nerd

I have often read and heard speak of there not being enough available Black males to our Black female  population for marriage or relationships.
I believe there maybe a segment of the Black male population that is seriously overlooked and shunned.
I know a few nerds and most are either laughed at or joked about in my experience as not the type of man a Black woman wants.
I'm talking about men who are educated and have good paying jobs,most that I'm aware of have sort out relationships or marriage out of their culture,most say because most Black women prefer a thug image for their man.
Am I off base with this premise or is there some truth to this matter,as they often say in my neighborhood,where there's smoke,there's fire!
                                                                           Happy New Year to All
                                                                                       Big Mac

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