Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fish and Oil Don't Mix

I grew up eating fresh seafood right off the boats that sailed into and docked in the port of Baltimore,during the late 1950's and 60's.
It was exciting to watch my father bring home a bushel of blue crabs live and cook them in a pot on the stove or to eat a spot or rock fish fresh from the Chesapeake Bay.
I have been paying attention to the state of health to the Chesapeake Bay for the past few years and it's not good folks.
Between overfishing and pollution flowing into the Bay,fishing and crabbing is not what it use to be.
So with the Oil leaking from the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico creeping slowly and closer to the fishing areas of the Gulf,30% of the shrimp consumed in this country is about to become contaminatated with crude oil.
The big shots at BP oil is said to have led every government agency involved with this spill   clean up to believe that they had this spill under control.
The price of seafood will hit the roof in the coming days and BP will try it's best to spin the story as to not make the spill it's problem.


Val said...

This is a disaster on so many levels. We all know that corporations run our government so BP won't ever be held accountable financially. There are backroom deals being made as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Yes and BP has been responsible for several previous accidents for which they have not been held accountable nor have they stepped up to the plate. It seems they spend their time, energy and money trying to avoid accountability - what a business plan??? How do these people sleep at night? What about all the sea life? The families that support themselves by fishing? The guides? This spill has wide reaching consequences that we probably can not know yet.
I like the title of your blog, BigMac, it sums it up.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

So true. I used to eat crabs from the Ches Bay, but in the 80s, they stopped tasting as good. Even my parents gave them up.

Shrimp in my local stores (DC-MD) have already doubled. Because of the toxin dispersant used by BP (coreexit), I doubt I'll ever eat any seafood from the Gulf again - even if any is left alive by the end of the summer.

Big Mac, email me when you get a chance. I want to ask you something unrelated.

~ Kit

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Kit even if the cost of seafood stayed stable,I still wouldn't eat any.
I just don't trust the corporations to tell the truth about where the seafood came from or the possiability of it being contaminated.