Friday, April 30, 2010

Republicans in Florida gone Mad!

Seems to me the Republicans have lost their minds,Governor Charlie Crist has finally reached the point where even he can't stand the smell coming from his party in Florida.
As some of you may know Governor Crist was running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate and was told to go pound sand by the party power elite.
To my way of thinking Governor Crist was one of the few Republicans who I had any respect for.
I guess the Republican Party is really hell bent on becoming the party of I don't give damn about anyone that is not rich?


Vigilante said...

Think you have it right there, Mac. If I were a Democratic voter in Florida, I would seriously consider voting for Crist: anything to marginalize the sludge party.

Val said...

Crist is smart to be a centrist. The Tea Party candidate Rubio is so far to the right that he'll have a hard time winning in the general election.

I feel a little bad for Kendrick Meek though. Looks like he might be lost in the shuffle.