Monday, May 17, 2010

What about the people killed on the oil rig?

Much has been said about the thousands of  gallons of oil leaking from the oil rig disaster,we all have heard about the millions of dollars in losses to the seafood industry.
But no one is talking about the lost lives of the dozen men and women lost in that disaster.
Just goes to show you that the lives of us worker bees out here is not valued.
My heart felt sorrow go out to the families of these oil rig workers.


Val said...

That's true, I haven't heard any more than a count of the dead. The media has been ignoring a lot of angles in this story. Could it be that they, the media, earn millions of dollars in ad fees from BP?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Money is the key to this story,how it is dole out depends on how much fact vs. fiction the public recieves. Thanks for stopping by Val.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Worker bees is right. BTW, they're in trouble too.

Reggie said...

Someone had to pay dearly for those lives and I'm not talking about the grief of those families. Someone had to ante up some serious cash to keep those people quiet and out of the news.

I wonder just how much they got, because they had to get more than just some insurance money behind that shit.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Yup you are 100% correct Reggie,Val brought out that point in her comment earlier.
The saying I heard growing up money talks bullshit walks still holds true to this day.

Ms. Camile said...

First, thanks for your comment on my blog. So very true. Parenthood, ideally should be something you plan.

And second, That's what I was thinking! Like man! Uuuhhh did anyone get hurt? And then I heard the story of one of the dead mine workers. His father called into a radio show. Said his son didn't go to college but working in the mines was his way to feed his family. But now he's dead and his wife was either very pregnant or had just bore a child. So sad! How the heck are they reporting on dead birds being found but not on actual people. This should scare everyone, the value NOT placed on human life. People get more time in jail for hurting animals (Mike Vic) than for raping kids. Smdh...