Saturday, May 14, 2011

Been In The Storm To Long!

There are so many umbrella's available out here in this world for us when we are walking in  life's storms.
Problem is so many of us(self included) refuse to open them up for use.
Selfishness,silly pride,self hatred,all remnants of slavery still keeps so many of us from reaching our God given potential.
We have been in this storm too long,how long are we going to continue to climb the rough side of this mountain,we call life?


Mizrepresent said...

That right there deserves a dap an a AMEN!

Nilofer said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Again Big Mac! I like your post and the umbrellas available for us. As your video so vividly demonstrates, all we need is love. Love is the universal solvent.
Hugs for you,

Dirty Red said...

Nice thought provoking piece man...short... but to the damn point.

Reggie said...

True that.

Pride is a motherfucker BigMac.