Saturday, July 23, 2011

By Any Means Necessary-Part Two

Robert Atlas lee,the  towering oldest son of Sampson and Minny who stood six feet at a mire 14 years of age.,slowly arose from his pall-ate in the parlor room of the house.
The de facto man of the house Robert Lee took his role seriously,
It was his responsibility to bring in the fire wood for the wood burning heater each morning during the winter season.
Life in Crackling,N.C. could be brutal sometimes for the Lee family,with Sampson's mood swinging from happy and jovial to deep manic depression.
The family sometimes didn't know which way was up,with his swing in moods,their lives had been stolen by the bottle!
Robert Atlas often prayed and dreamed for his father to be like Uncle John who interacted with his cousins with a love he never could realize at this point in his young life.
But one lesson his young mind and spirit had learned through all of this was,you can't give what you ain't got!
After gathering the firewood and bringing the wood burning heater up to full max,Robert would go and awaken his sister Jenny Mae.
Jenny Mae was the brains of the family she would read every book that she could get her hands on,it was her relief from the demonic forces that permeated her young life.