Sunday, July 24, 2011

Part Three-By Any Means Necessary

Patches the nickname the other kids had given Robert Lee because of the clothes he wore,didn't affect his spirit or drive to do better with his life.
Like clock work no matter what time of the year it was Robert Lee would be up at the crack of dawn to fed the chickens and bring in the fire wood.
He often would hear the faint prayers of his Mother asking the Lord to help her  to hold out,which he realized years later was the catalyst that motivated him to be the person he grew up to become.
One of his favorite prayers was to ask the Lord to do something about his father's condition,because his belief in God was strong,he knew from reading his worn and torned bible that Jesus had fed 5000 with two loaves of bread,surely he could save his dear father.
A belief in God was a strong reality in the Lee household,for without that belief,there would be none!


Anonymous said...

Hi Big Mac - 2 more parts, thank you! I feel not knowing what to expect and can visualize Robert Lee's clothes. I am looking forward to reading more, thank you for sharing and for your creative gift.

Reggie said...