Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just What The Hell Did We Celebrate Yesterday

Ok even Skippy and Ray-Ray knew the date was July 4th yesterday,but did they know rhyme or reason why they were setting off hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks,in the middle of some of the most depressed neighborhoods here in Pittsburgh?
Just why in Jesus name would some of my co-workers who complain incessantly about not having enough money for this and that,refuse the chance to work and make double-time yesterday?
Just to party and get their head bad!
What I'm saying folks if we are going to celebrate and have parties on holidays,we must party with a purpose!
We must at least have a inkling of knowledge of what the history of the day we are celebrating connect with us culturally!
I believe if we had just that small bit of knowledge,we would re-think how we celebrate holidays!
                                                                       Big Mac!


Anna Renee said...

Sigh! I don't know, BigMac, I just don't know.
But Imma keep my head up anyways!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

When some folks ask me what I did over certain holidays and I don't say the usually,I get strange looks.When I said on Memorial Day I went and laid a wreath at the grave of a great man who served in WW2,THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND,YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T GRILL-OUT!

Vigilante said...

This is where I go on every other Sunday.

Reggie said...

That's why I've found it necessary to make up my own holidays at times. I'd rather celebrate Mammorial Day or Derriere Day than Happy White Folks Independence Day.