Saturday, June 25, 2011

And Further More!

Thursday Evening around dinner time one player of a  local (Gateway High School)  High School Football team  on their way to Florida for a Nike Football Camp,met the grime reaper at an early age.
The team had stopped in Durham ,N.C. for a overnight visit to Duke University.You can find the story by going to ,a senseless killing of a young man trying to be as productive as he knew how.
When are we going to do something  to stop our young Black Men from dying at such a early age!


Mizrepresent said...

This is just so very sad, and the kind of news i have grown tired of hearing. I really do fear for our black boys...and i try to do all i can to protect mine every single day. Not a day goes by that i don't pray for him and others.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

It becomes even more real Miz when you are familiar with the people involved.
Maybe as a people we have been disconnected for too long?

Moanerplicity said...

Stories like this one become so common & yet they make me feel incredibly sad for the state of our race, the human race.

No one is born to be so uncaring. Prayers are necessary but even more than our prayers, they NEED to listen to the God Voice within themselves.


Reggie said...

No matter how many times I hear of something like this, it saddens me. I never get numb to it....I hope I never will.

Anonymous said...

Oh Big Mac - This comes from and perpetuates a cycle of pain and fear we must end. We need to learn to take care of each other and heal. When we all can love unconditonally from the deepest place in our hearts, we will begin to see what is possible.
Thank you for being here friend.