Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Got Something To Say!

Many may not like or how I say things they are strictly my personal opinions,but do keep in mine that I love Black people to almost a fault.
It has occured to me that we go out of our way not to tell our love ones and friends the truth on issues they we maybe dealing with.
As a consequence the issue or problem grows,folks we can't afford to be willy nilly about issues that affect our lives.
Earlier this week I had a doctors appointment with my new primary care doctor,he's about 30 years old if that old.
But he went right for my jugular on the issue of my smoking cigarettes,folks I'm taking his advice and will make a HONEST EFFORT to quit this DIRTY,NASTY,FOUL HABIT.
So in keeping it REAL if I'm going to complain about  Skippy and Ray-Ray and their crew hanging out on the corner,then I must also get my own house in order.
My habit is just as bad as the heroin user,except mine is a legal addiction and because it's legal we tend to not see the real issues of it.
                                                                         Big Mac


Moanerplicity said...

KNOW THIS: You are STRONGER than the lure of nicotine, man! You CAN do this!


Anna Renee said...

I pray for your complete victory over the nicotine sticks!