Monday, August 15, 2011

Part Eleven-By Any Means Necessary!

There were very few Colored Folk in Crackling who believed the change they had seen in Mayor Coop was a come to Jesus moment,but clearly a realization that things were changing in America!
Spirituality and religion did pop up on the Mayor's radar for a minute,but after his son was healed by Rev.John's miraculous prayers,the Mayor had almost forgot about the miracle and was back to business as usually until Sampson's heart attack.
Martin Luther King had just paid a visit to Rev.John's Church three days earlier,he had heard through the grapevine of  The Southern Baptist Church Convention  of the miracles being preformed in his Church,
The last person the Mayor wanted to bring influence to the Colored folk of Crackling was MLK,he had heard and seen on the news the change MLK had brought to Montgomery,Alabama.
As Robert Lee nervously walked into the Crackling Saving and Loan,thoughts race through his head as to what the Mayor wanted to talk with him about,as he pass Ebb the Mayor's son who was back at work as senior teller,his healing everyone said was unexplainable,Robert Lee said hey to Ebb and told him he was here to speak with his daddy.


Anonymous said...

Still loving your voice, sharing and By Any Means Necessary! Big Mac. I can visualize the story and feel the suspense. Can't wait to see what happens next!!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Stay tune Coach it gets better the juices of creativity are running at 120%!

Reggie said...