Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part Ten-By Any Means Necessary!

As Robert Lee stumbled into the house from school,his mother gently reminded him to keep his school clothes on for the meeting this afternoon with Mayor Coop.
The walk up highway 441 would be a cold one,but Robert Lee has walked this road all his life,the Crackling Saving and Loan was a building he passed often on his way to school,he had  been inside  once with his father Sampson,when he went in for a farmers loan,which he didn't get.
Robert Lee can remember even as a child the hate displayed by Mayor Coop and the folks he runned with for the Colored people of Crackling.
Even though half of the population of Crackling was Colored,the money and political power was held in the hands of a few White folks,which included the Mayor.
It was December 19,1959,with Sampson in the hospital and money low,the thought on everyone in the Atlas family's mind was Sampson and Christmas!
Christmas was special for Colored folks in Crackling, going to church on Christmas Eve was mandatory ,the Crackling Free Will Baptist Church would be over flowing,even the heathens would come.Rev.John would preach the baby Jesus story every year,and admonish the ungodly to get right with Jesus,because we never knew when our own time was up!